Scootling's story

"I've lost count of how many times people have said to me that scootering is a fad. We incorporated in 2003. It has become pretty clear to me since then that losing time in traffic, and putting money into parking machines was the real fad. You, our customers, have always known that scooters gift you back so much time in your day, money in your pocket, and freedom in your city movement. We're happy to be along for the ride.
Thanks must be given for the big helping hands along the way from friends and family in the early days, the NZ media who loved the idea of our independent scooter shop and of course you, our customers every single day."
Andreas Vaioleti, Founder.

"losing time in traffic, and putting money into parking machines was the real fad."

The 3 tenets of our service are:

  • Style and class
  • Integrity and quality
  • Service and savings

Scootling physical and online stores

Uniquely conceived with retro appeal, the first Scootling store was a tiny 33 square metre affair in the cultural hotpot of Grey Lynn, in 2006. We launched the first online shop the following year - the first dedicated scooter parts and accessories online shop in NZ.

We still stick to the same intention: to offer our savvy customers high quality, top value scooter parts and accessories.

In January 2015, we launched the all-new online shop after a complete overhaul and a big project checking product fitments, technical specs, manufacturer info and adding professional images.

Scootling's shop location (note not all online shop products are kept at our retail showroom, and prices may vary due to storage and handling costs):
310 Great North Road
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1021