Full motorbike licence test

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Full motorbike licence test

Postby 930porsche » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:37 am

I have a 110cc scooter. As it's over 50cc I need a motorbike licence which is fair enough. I got my learners no issue but when I went to do the restricted the tester told me I had to show that I could do 95kph up a hill and get up to open road speeds. As you are aware these low cc scooters can't do that sort of speed. We had a discussion about this for a while and I passed the restricted with some compromise but he told me I had to turn up with a motorbike to do the final full test. My question is why? It is not my making that the LTSA demands I need a motorbike licence for an over 50 cc scooter. Why should I have to learn to ride a motorbike to do the final test when I only ever intend to ride a scooter.
Has anyone else had this experience or done the final motorbike test with a small scooter?
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