Very poor acceleration Suzuki 50cc to 35-40km/hr then good

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Very poor acceleration Suzuki 50cc to 35-40km/hr then good

Postby Scootstar » Sun Dec 29, 2019 2:54 pm

I have just purchased a 2007 Suzuki Let’s 2 (UZ50 I think). It has only done 5000kms and appears to be in very good condition. I have owned multiple 50cc 2 strokes and what I love about them is their acceleration...not this one unfortunately. It is very slow off the mark and all the way up to around 40kms and hour. It said it had been fully serviced (although probably some time ago as I think they were imports from Japan and may have sat around a bit). One other symptom is when I first
Start the scooter it will cut out if I give it any revs. I have to leave it for a while before I can ride it, even though it’s not cold. Would love feed back on how I can improve the acceleration. I am hoping it is just a tweek rather than I got a dud scooter with no acceleration... welcome advice/feedback. Thanks
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