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third party, fire, theft, full cover

protect yourself against theft, losses, damage to other people and their vehicles!

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Insurance for your prized two-wheeler

insure your scooter through scootling

You've reached our old website, see the new one and sign up or get a quote for insurance:

You'll be able to get an instant quote and sign up right away.

Insurance is underwritten by Allianz, one of the world's biggest and stablest insurers!

Special deals on FULL insurance for the following scooters:

Upper limit of engine size or value Yearly premium Excess
50cc / $2000 $201* $250
any cc scooter / $4000 $222* $250
any cc scooter / $10,000 $352* $250
Scooter breakdown pick up
All full policies include FREE AA Roadside assistance!

For 49cc moped excess, $500 will be added if you do not a have a full car or full motorcycle license, other conditions may apply** so contact us for full details.

Quotes can easily be done over the phone!

For scooters not covered above, or for motorcycles please give us a call, have your driver's license ready and your current motor vehicle policy (if you have one). It usually only takes 5 minutes to make a FREE quote over the phone. You can sign up then or later.

Payment options

You can choose to pay the annual fee upfront over the phone (credit card) or by bank transfer, or you can pay it monthly by direct debit from your account.

Hassle free, straightforward cover for your bike

Insurance is a very good idea for your scooter or motorbike, its a small investment to protect yourself in the case of theft, damage from vandalism or an accident. If you have the misfortune of causing an accident, all of our insurance options will cover the damage you might cause**. The excess amount is reasonable which mean claims are not a worry.

*Accident history or previous claims and other factors may mean some variation to these amounts.
**See the insurance wording for limitations.

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