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Rental scooters in Auckland

Scootling has scooters to rent in Auckland. These are reliable, 50cc - 250cc petrol scooters including Adly, Honda and Suzuki models.

Forget public transport and exorbitant parking costs. When you hire a scooter you can set the rules again!

5 hire scooter facts:

  • Easy to ride "stepthrough" type
  • Electric and kick start, auto transmission
  • Supplied with helmet
  • Car license OK for 50cc
  • Security locks built in, cable lock optional

Daily scooter hire: Do a day at the beach, get a couple of friends together, go somewhere. Use a scooter when you need to nip around town without wasting time finding and paying for parking.


Honda Forza 250cc auto motorcycle

Hire this 250cc scooter in Auckland
Big scooter giving a settled, comfortable ride, OK for motorway use. You need a motorcycle license to ride this 250cc scooter. Hire it for...

Honda Giorno retro 49cc scooter

Hire this retro 50cc scooter in Auckland
This retro styled 50cc Honda scooter is automatic and has good storage space under the seat. Light weight and easy to ride! Hire it for $22/half...

Suzuki Mollet basic 49cc scooter

Hire this basic 50cc scooter in Auckland
Reliable, easy to ride auto 50cc scooter. Hire it for $18/half day; $29/day; $119/week; $295/month (plus insurance)

Adly Silver Fox sporty 50cc scooter

Hire this sporty 50cc scooter in Auckland
This 50cc scooter is comfortable to ride with big wheels, and a bigger frame. High quality & sporty.Hire it for $39/half day; $53/day;...


Standard insurance is additional and charged at $7/day or part thereof; $21/week; $40/month.

Longer terms available - ask us!

These scooters can not be used on motorways, but are great for city riding. For carrying one person only. 

Got a motorcycle license test? Hire our 250cc scooter model. Very easy to ride, light body and automatic gearing.

To hire a scooter you need your driver's license (even a learner's license) with an International Driving Permit if your license is not written in English. All hirers need to pay a bond or present a credit card for security.

Insurance is optional if you have your own suitable cover. All hirers must be 25 years or older, or 21 years old with their own insurance or a NZ$1400 bond.

See the scooter hire conditions here. If you have a lot of people hiring scooters or will not have much time to do the paperwork in store, fill this out this scooter hire agreement beforehand.

Great for events! Avoid the traffic and parking hassles.

If you are visiting Auckland, a rental scooter is the best transport option for the city.

I need to get to the other campus this week. I hate finding and paying for parking... We can help!

Let's get a bit of fresh air. Do you want to check out the beach?.. We can help!

Let's go in style.. we need to be different this time... We can help!

I want to try out a scooter before I buy one... We can help!

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