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Sunny 50 only starts with kickstart

PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2020 2:18 am
by mikebanks3
Hey guys first post here.

I have a GY6 which has a 2017 Ariic Viva engine in it, it only ever starts with the kickstart. Sometims mostly only when warm, i can get it to start but even then most of the time it wont, yet kick start works on first or second attempt every time.

Have tried fully charging battery, cranking speed is fine, have checked spark and it is working (possibly looks a bit weak), also am noticing that i am getting black plugs. not sure whether this is just because ive been running it at idle to try and see if i can get the idle screw set correctly. Have checked enricher and it seems to be measuring 19mm cold (havent checked while hot). Have cleaned the carb and made sure all the jets are not blocked.

The scooter runs mint when its going, the idle is a little up and down and every time i give it a rev it hangs a wee bit then slows down, sometimes it dies.

Any ideas where to look next?