Kymco Pronto maintenance tip please?

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Kymco Pronto maintenance tip please?

Postby Bluesmoke » Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:38 pm

How do I remove the plastic 'cowling' that surrounds handlebars and headlight, to access the brake fluid container, please?

There is a small brass screw directly under the headlight, but that only loosens the direction angle of the headlight beam.

There are two holes, one either side underneath the handlebar headlight cowling, but they are so deeply recessed I cannot see if they contain screws, or Allen key nuts,...or nothing.

Can any owners of this model offer advice please?

Secondly, the Kymco owners' handbook contains the warning not to mix brands of brake fluid, claiming it is 'dangerous' to do so.

As I don't know what brand of fluid is in the fluid container already, this will prove difficult.

Is the handbook exaggerating, or is there a technical basis to the manufacturers claim?

I appreciate advice.
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