Putting an cone / pod filter on chinese scooter

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Putting an cone / pod filter on chinese scooter

Postby superiornz » Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:55 pm

Hey guys,

Just bought one of the arrow 50 second hand...


They come with the restrictors removed so max speed is about 70kmh....

On flats and downhill they are quick but uphills it struggles.. really does..... (30-40kmh)...

I want to make it have a bit more grunt, i changed the spark plugs to some HGK ones (just standard, didnt have any iridium v notch ones) and put some 10-40 semi synthetic 4 stroke oil in....

I wanted to put a little pod filter in but from the air box, there is a pipe that goes to the carb (main hose) and a small one (looks like a fat fuel line) that goes into some sort of fan turbine looking thing next to the oil dipstick...

Just wondering, if i remove the box and put a pod filter directly onto the carburetta, the smaller hose would be sucking in dirty air... is this just a cooling fan which doesnt need clean filtered air or will it damage the bike? if so, how could i put a pod filter in the correct way?

also what other methods are there to increase acceleration / uphill power?

Thanks guys,

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Postby ae86guy » Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:51 pm

Pop the head off a bit of porting and raise the compression
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