Vmoto - read this if you're considering buying one

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Vmoto - read this if you're considering buying one

Postby gh » Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:35 am

I have just had the worst customer experience of my life! read this if you're thinking about owning a Vmoto - my advice is DON'T!

I owned, until recently, a Vmoto Milan. I've had it for about 4 and a half years, and it's done about 6,500 kms. In that time the list of things that have gone wrong with it are too numerous to mention, but a few of them are I've had to replace the instruments because they corroded away, the mirrors for the same reason, the seat because it wore out, the top box because the lock wore out/corroded, and now the entire drive train has corroded away with a quote for $700 to fix it.

I've just had a call from Aaron at Vmoto which ended in him swearing at me, threatening me with physical violence, insulting me and all because I had the audacity to suggest that maybe his scooters weren't suitable for anything other than the scrap heap.

Honestly, I can't believe that this is how a disgruntled customer gets treated. If he'd listened to my complaint instead of being so defensive, aggressive and taking it personally then maybe I wouldn't have felt the need to post this, but I wanted to put it up to warn other people.

Don't buy Vmoto - they are appalling quality and the service is just diabolical.

Oh, and by the way I told him I was going to be posting this on the forum and he told me to "f*** off and put something on your gay little forum". nice...
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Postby avai007 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:08 pm

I am flabbergasted... we've never had much in common with Vmoto as we choose to let our bikes' quality speak for itself without spending much on marketing, but insulting and threatening a customer..!? Considering this forum makes our website one of the top ten most visited automotive websites in NZ for 2 years running, he was really taking a bigger risk than he thought there.

That reminds me of a manager from another, now unsurprisingly defunct scooter shop who told a customer "Well you knew you were buying a piece of sh*t when you got it". And yes, it was sold by that same manager at the shop.

That manager was eventually fired and the shop's name changed after their second appearance on Target.
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the flipside

Postby gonor3a » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:32 pm

hey I recently had my scooter (vmoto milan) backed in to which ran really well mine had done 7000km. serviced every 3000km.

I got a really great deal from vmoto and dealt with aaron and his team there and they were very nice and helpful.

i've been pretty happy with the service from them (both sales) and regular servicing.

sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. sounds like you may have thrown the gauntlet down and there are two sides to every story. threatening you is pretty poor, but your phone manner must have been pretty blunt.
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reply to BS

Postby satanzhand » Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:21 pm

I had typed out a nice explanation, but this morning I had an ephiny. Vmoto customers are happy with the way we do things. I personally think, Most people will understand there is always two sides to any event and that a person scorned is not always the most honest source of the details. Certainly anyone who's meet me will no I am nothing but helpful.

Regardless, heres a little rant....In short, We basically have an unwritten policy that goes something like this...we do not deal with bullys, abusers, liars, cheaters and extremely rude customers...why? because they cost us money to deal with them and they are just bummers to deal with...what do we do with the savings... well we run a scooter business the way we want it... like a family the 'Vmoto family'...the savings go to do nice things to nice customers/people...eg..fixing something under warranty when its six months, a year or more ++ expired, because it's the right thing to do. Giving a customer a high vis vest because they just had a near miss...doing a repair for cost because the customer is a student on a tight budget...or spending 50 hrs making a custom scoot for the SPCA to auction for free, or one of the other charities we support. No one at Vmoto gets paid anywhere near what they are worth, we are all here because we believe in scooting and what the brand is doing...basically changing scooter commuting by making it fun, easy and cool to scoot, through a local company. We all know the environmental, health benefits or scooting.

Just to finish;
Good customer service is about being honest, up front and doing the best you can for the customer...it doesn't mean you have to be a door mat for anyone whos walked through the door.


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