Scooter stalling and cutting out

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Scooter stalling and cutting out

Postby Sifu » Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:35 am

Hi guys, was wondering if you knowledgeable people can help me out here?!

I've got a chinese branded scooter second hand of trademe (too cheap to let go!) which is a clone of a honda ruckus type scooter, its running the gy6 50cc engine.

Anyways Im having a few problems with it at the moment and would like to eliminate it if possible.

Firstly the scooter is pretty darn hard to start, theres a electric start but it seems like all it does is turn and doesnt seem to have enough juice to start the motor? Once in a while (say 2/10) it will start however with the electric start.

Secondly once in a while the scooter will not start at all even if I use the kick start, the only way around this is to take the damn air snorkel off and spray some carb cleaner into the carb. After this it will start?

I've also had instances where it has started but doesnt idle very well and I would have to adjust the idle speed up just to make it idle properly. Occasionally it still does off right away though.

Thirdly and probably my biggest concern is that sometimes when riding the scooter the engine will just cut out and die on me which often can be quite dangerous! From my experience it usually dies out in one of the following situations:

1. When I let go off the throttle for a sec and then jump back on it again, it would "bounce" then the engine would cut out.

2. When going down a hill (but this may be the same as above as I let go of the throttle when Im going fast down a hill).

Anyone able to give me their feedbacks on these problems? I pulled the spark plug out aswell and its black like its running rich?

For a standard 50cc gy6, what kind of jet sizes should I be using in the carb? And is there a way to measure what kind of jet size you have? The numbers on them doesnt seem to make much sense.

Could it be possible that the fuel pump is busted and its time for a new one? bear in mind that the gas tank is where you place you feet and its operated via a vacuum pump not like a standard petcock setup.

Any feedback or help at all will be appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance :)
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